Community News, Resources and Programs

Publications & Lists

Our publications and lists provide easy to access information of commonly used and popular information.

Handy Numbers: This yellow flyer provides community numbers all in one place with understandable headings making the numbers easier to find and more accessible.  Copies of this resource are available in our office in regular and large print.

Food Assistance:  This handy resource will fit in your pocket or cell phone case and flips open to show where you can access free food each day of the week as needed.  This resource is available throughout the community and from our office.

Quick Resources: In times of crisis people need quick access to clinics or mental health resources, ID clinics, local politicians, legal clinic and more.  This handy resources is a pocket card with all the names and phone numbers a person may need.  This resources has been handed out by police and paramedics to citizens in crisis previously.  We have updated and improved it and will have this resource available through our office and throughout the community.

Community & Organization News