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Save the Date!

June 4th

7:30 pm

St. Paul’s Centre

Orillia Concert Band Performs:

“Renaissance to Broadway”

Step back in time and travel with us through the eras of music!

Join us as we journey from the court of King Henry the VII through the era of Baroque and J.S. Bach, to the Classical, Romantic, and Impressionistic periods and onto the Musicals. 

Goodwill offering: This is a fundraising event for Information Orillia. Information Orillia plays a key role in our community, connecting anyone in need of assistance with the support they require, be it having no idea where to go, locating financial support, navigating the government system, or filing taxes. Through our tax clinic, Information Orillia offers a low-cost income tax clinic that helps clients access the money they would otherwise be cutting themselves off from and puts money back into the community. The goal of Information Orillia is to end poverty and create equality for all but we need your help.
We humbly ask you to consider donating to our cause.

Donations given at the door can be in the form of cash or cheques. If you wish to donate online, click here. Please type ‘OCB’ in the private message box to associate your donation with the concert.

*Please note that wearing masks at all times is compulsory for this concert.
We are striving to protect a vulnerable demographic who typically attends these concerts and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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