About Us

About Us

Information Orillia is a vital community organization that connects people with the services they need to improve their quality of life and create meaningful opportunities for community engagement.

We have proudly provided services to the communities of Orillia, Rama First Nation, and the townships of Oro-Medonte, Ramara, and Severn, since 1969.

We collect high quality community information for public use relating to all aspects of community development, including:

  • community, health and social services
  • arts, culture and recreation
  • clubs, groups and organizations
  • government services and other relevant information.

Mission, Vision & Values


Through information services and opportunities, we build capacity in individuals and organizations to empower our community to be strong and engaged.


Information Orillia provides information, system navigation, supports and services to people in Orillia and surrounding areas, so that no one gets left behind.


  • Meaningful participation – is the ultimate outcome we work to achieve through all of our programs and services.
  • Respect & dignity – is guaranteed to all of our clients, staff and volunteers.
  • Inclusion – to eliminate barriers so that all people can access what they need to participate in their communities.
  • Partnership – to strengthen our work and impact through collaboration.
  • Innovation & relevance – to stay at the forefront of community change and creatively work to engage people in their communities.

Guiding Principles

  • Financial sustainability – to minimize risk, improve financial stability and provide security for staff, clients and programs.
  • Accountability, diligence & transparency – to our members and community at large.
  • Adapting to needs – to maintain organizational relevance and continue to have impact in what we do.
  • Building capacity – of people and organizations to grow a stronger and more empowered community.
  • Measurable impact – to prove our worth and demonstrate value in what we do in our community.
  • Equity – to ensure that all clients, staff and volunteers are provided with the resources, environment and treatment that is equitable and fair



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